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White Industries

White Industries was founded in 1978 by Doug White in Petaluma, CA. Mr. White refined his machining craft while working for United Airlines and eventually began making custom bicycle frames and components. His first product brought to market was an elastic band that a cyclist could secure around the pant leg to prevent chain lube from staining the pant leg.

White Ind.

Today, White Industries makes precision-machined components exclusively in the USA. While the company is mostly known for its high quality, absolutely gorgeous robotic buffered hubs (MTB, Road, and Track), it also manufactures high quality drive trains, pedals, freewheels, fixed cogs, bottom brackets, and tools. All are robotically buffered to bring out the stunning luster of the machined aluminum used in their products. This is undoubtedly the moniker characteristic of White 200-125 dumps Industries, as that signature shine can’t be mistaken when encountered on road or trail.

White Industries employs 13 people, with Mr. White serving as company president. Doug’s son, Alec, is a company engineer and production manager. White Industries broadcasts no fluffy mission statement and attempts no aggressively intrusive marketing campaign or daily email digest. The company relies mostly on the slowest, but most effective form of marketing: word of mouth and reputation.

White Industries hopes happy customer after happy customer will spread the word about the care and precision that goes into the design of the products this 200-310 dumps family owned and operated establishment produces.

This writer has been one of those happy customers for several years. Buy their stuff. You won’t regret it.