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Moots Cycles

Ti for Life

Moots Cycles operates in a unique niche in the frame building industry. They have been
making titanium frames, forks, posts, stems, and a variety of components for 34 years, since
1981. Its 25 employee headquarters occupies Steamboat Springs, CO. They just have it all there.
Mountains, beautiful scenery, amazing trails, hot springs, sweet bikes, and good beer, all in a
small town where everyone knows everyone.

You know those daydreams you have of you and a group of buddies packing into a local pub for some good beer after a sweet ride? That’s Steamboat, and Moots made that ride sweet whether you know it or not.

MootoX RSL 90

MootoX RSL 90

Moots is very proud of its design process, demonstrated by a highly transparent, detailed description on the company’s website (http://moots.com/). Moots makes road, MTB, snow, and dirt bikes. They make them all out of titanium, and they make them all by hand.

Moots is so confident in the frames they make that they have a “Refurb Program,” in which
they refinish your titanium Moots 500-601 dumps frame many years down the line, guaranteeing it won’t lose
any of its structural integrity. That’s really something.

Moots is also known for its YBB Softtail Suspension system, which basically occupies that
space between a rugged hardtail and a cushy full suspension MTB. YBB allows the frame to
absorb just enough of the trail, while only adding four ounces to the overall weight of the

Moots is cool. Check them out.