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Speed from Down Under

Velocity began as a wheel and wheel component builder in Brisbane, Australia back in 1989. Imports to the U.S. began in 1994, and by 2012 all wheels for the North American market were being produced in Velocity’s new rim production facility in Jacksonville, Florida.

Despite this state-of-the-art new facility, Velocity still manufactures all of their wheelsets by hand, and by employing the same six experienced builders. According the Matt Ruiter, General Manager of Velocity USA, the company has always catered to the needs of custom builders and clients with special orders.

Velocity USA's Matt Ruiter

Velocity USA’s Matt Ruiter

Prefer building up your own wheels with another manufacturer’s hubs? No problem, you can still get rims from Velocity in a wide array of designs and hole patterns for a broad range of applications.

Exemplifying Velocity’s versatility as a wheel component manufacturer are the two rim models Ruiter identified as their flagship models. At the cutting-edge light end of the scale is the Blunt SS, an XC mountain bike rim. According to Ruiter, “the Blunt SS illustrates our advantage designing rims to a certain weight and shape while maintaining durability and overall quality.”

At the stout end of the scale is the Cliffhanger touring model designed for the growing discipline of adventure riding and racing. At two times the weight of the Blunt SS, the Cliffhanger is meant for those situations far from home or even a cell phone signal where rim failure can literally be a matter of life or death.

Unlike so many others, Velocity has not jumped on the carbon bandwagon. While Ruiter admitted certain advantages of carbon in road racing applications, price is certainly not one of them. “Aluminum is a better solution for most applications at 1/8th the price,” he said.

Find your own solution by visiting www.velocityusa.com.