2015 NAHBS – March 6-8 - The Kentucky International Convention Center
“The Best Thing I Saw at NAHBS” – Day Two

Cherubim, the custom builder from Japan, is a long time exhibitor at NAHBS, and in its six year tenure here, it has amassed seven awards, including “Best of Show” in Sacramento 2012 for its beautiful creation, a bike called “Humming Bird”.

So why am I a bit surprised I chose a Cherubim as my favorite bike today? It’s because I often prefer the underdog. The scrapper, the ugly duckling yearning to be a swan.

Surely Cherubim are too lovely to actually ride. My awkward angles in a tuck would be an insult to the poetic haiku of its simple, clean lines.


Yet I can see myself on the Cherubim I chose today. I can feel the wind at my back and hear the rhythmic zip of herringbone treads on fresh pavement.


It’s the promise of a chrono without pain. The beautifully minimalist Modolo Kronos brakes stop about as well as a pencil eraser on a spinning rim, but that doesn’t matter. Surely there’s no reason to stop while riding the Cherubim?

The polished chrome of the drilled-out high flange hubs house bearings that never soil or gum up from grit. The simplicity of the single-speed setup enables hours of carefree cadence. Or was it a fixed gear?  Either way it’s the covenant of effortless effort.

If I wanted to go for the hour record, I’d choose a Cherubim like this one because the hand of God and the wings of angels would push you along and friction would not exist.  You’d glance at the clock after an hour and keep going.

Or maybe it’s just that time would stand still.

Thank you, Cherubim, for allowing me to dream.