2015 NAHBS – March 6-8 - The Kentucky International Convention Center
Mars Cycles

Out of this World

Casey Sussman, builder of Mars Cycles, studied the art of fillet brazing at The Bicycle Academy, in Frome, England. He is the only American to have attended their school.

Sussman builds large-tubed steel race bikes using tapered headtubes.  Tubes are mitered by hand with a hacksaw and file.


Photo: John Paul


Only about 25 frames hold the Mars label, but the one Sussman brought to Louisville with him ended up winning the People’s Choice award.

Sussman cites Virginian Aaron Dykstra’s Six-Eleven Cycles as a major inspiration for his own designs. He plies his craft from a shop in Oakland, even though he lives more than an hour a way in Half Moon Bay, Calif.

“The drive sucks, but the rent in Oakland is cheap,” he says.