2015 NAHBS – March 6-8 - The Kentucky International Convention Center
Sinewave Cycles

Charging Forward

Cambridge, Mass.-based Sinewave Cycles produces USB chargers for cell phones or other electronic devices, as well as dynamo hubs that generate power through the motion of pedaling.

Sinewave proprietor David Dean’s love of touring and randonneuring inspired the creation of his products that enable the self-sufficiency required by those pursuits.


Sinewave’s David Dean


Reliability is Sinewave’s hallmark attribute. “We want cyclists to rely on our products in the middle of nowhere. While it’s raining. Or snowing,” says Dean.

Sinewave’s chargers are impervious to the elements by being completely encapsulated in epoxy. Any water that does make it past the connector can not touch any of the components. Plus, the USB connector itself features gold-plated contacts that will not rust or corrode.


This provides peace of mind for the touring cyclist who may be trying to ride through the rainy Cascades, or across Australia’s Outback, where the sun can be harnessed by bike-mounted solar panels that will power the charger. Proprietary equipment has little favor with cyclo-tourists; Sinewave chargers will work with any kind of dynamo and many types of regular batteries as well.

A particularly ingenious solution to problems of space on overly-cluttered handlebars is the Sinewave Reactor charger. Featuring the same functionality as the standard Revolution model, the Reactor is integrated to the bike itself by also serving as a stem top cap. The electronics fit neatly down into the steerer tube and away from sight.

Should a cyclist find himself in fading light, or even during the day when many cyclists are now adopting their use, a Sinewave charger can be used to power bike lights.

Learn more about the versatility of Sinewave products at booth # 615.