2015 NAHBS – March 6-8 - The Kentucky International Convention Center
Selle Anatomica

Take a Seat

Selle Anatomica, of San Diego, works to improve on traditional saddle technology through the use of alternative technologies and approaches.

Selle Anatomica NSX

Selle Anatomica NSX

Both their X-Series saddle (developed with their iconic comfort slot) and their NSX-Series saddle depart from traditional saddles of this type through the application of chrome tanned, rather than vegetable tanned, leather while utilizing only full grain type material – a robust grade that patinas rather than wearing out.  This special processing, common in luxury goods, allows the final product to be more water resistant and more compliant out of the box than vegetable-tanned leather saddles of similar style.

Due to the water-resistant properties of their chosen leather, Selle Anatomica saddles cannot be formed into shape by aqueous process, requiring the US company that manufactures the saddle to apply a unique heat-forming method to give the leather its final shape.

Look forward to an exciting developmental departure from them at the show on Saturday, when they show off an exciting new ultra-light prototype.

Visit and try the saddles for yourself at Selle Anatomica at Booth # 500