2015 NAHBS – March 6-8 - The Kentucky International Convention Center

Slippery Stuff

“It’s a total ‘Walter White’ situation at home.”
“Is that why you’ve got the hat?”



Josh Simonds, wearing the iconic black, brimmed bowler featured by the “Breaking Bad” character, is the developer and hand-mixer (and hand-bottler, and hand-labeler) of the artisan lubricant brand.

His self-proclaimed “star of the (Nixfrixshun) show” is the NFS chain lube. The lube boasts 400 miles of use with only application of a few drops and is so quiet that users complain they can hear their worn chainrings. It is popular in the the pro peloton, so much so that Silca has worked with NFS to develop a special low weight (though less durable) version of the formula for high-performance racing.

Also featured in the booth is a grease developed for Boyd hubs. This formula, to be applied to low-friction pre-hub bodies, is newly available through NFS under the “NFS Speedgrease” label.