2015 NAHBS – March 6-8 - The Kentucky International Convention Center

The Technology of Craftmanship

It’s tempting to think of the handmade bike industry as a realm of intuition and instinct: one look at a rider by an experienced frame builder, and he can design the perfect bike for her, from the frame angles to the number of braze-ons desired.

The reality is that the handmade bike industry is just as technology-driven as the mass production bicycle industry is, or even more so. Serving the needs of the custom builder, local bike shops and customers is BikeCAD, a free online computer-aided design (CAD) tool.

Photo by Joel Shinaberry

Photo by Joel Shinaberry

BikeCAD allows a local bike shop or consumer to develop a complete design of his-or-her dream machine, from fork rake to pinstriping. The frame builder can then be given plans that can be readily interpreted by the builder, with tube measurements and angles.

This is where the intuition and experience of the builder comes into play: he can suggest alterations to the design to fit the rider’s specific needs, and can explain why one set of measurements may work better than another.

BikeCAD was designed and developed by Canadian Brent Curry, of Kitchener, Ontario, who began exhibiting at NAHBS in 2007, and has been to every show since then.

You can experience the accessible technology of BikeCAD yourself at www.bikecad.ca, or by stopping by booth #304.