2015 NAHBS – March 6-8 - The Kentucky International Convention Center
Throwing a Curveball

In the home of the Louisville Slugger, baseball analogies work well.

Although this title might be used to describe the March snowstorm that hit us the day before this year’s show started, it instead refers to a certain question asked of all the exhibitors profiled by the NAHBS News staff this year.

The question is this: a gang of street thugs confiscates all of your own handmade equipment and forces you to use the bikes or products of a colleague/competitor. Whose bikes or products would you choose and why?

We’re not trying to suggest that Louisville is an unsafe city. Quite the contrary, as we understand. What we are trying to do is understand who the shining lights of the handmade industry are: the men and women whose ingenuity and craftsmanship inspire others.

This is also not to suggest that the handmade bicycle industry is a drag-down, trip-your-competitor-to-the-floor, unfettered corporate capitalist arena. Instead, it’s more an artisans’ guild of friendly colleagues, where competition exists not to defeat others, but to raise everyone’s game to produce the best products humanly possible.

Some of the answers we got are pretty funny. This is often what happens when you ask a group of entrepreneurs to size up the competition. Or, it could be what results when you ask a silly question.

Regardless, whenever you see us refer to the “curveball question” in our stories, this is what we’re referring to.