2015 NAHBS – March 6-8 - The Kentucky International Convention Center
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To a select few, it’s more than just a bike. It is the culmination of a passion for cycling and a desire to create something truly unique and special. Frame building is elevated to an artform… perfect welds, premium tubing, and hand-carved lugs are the medium and every bike built is a tangible expression of the builder and their passion. Now it’s time to share these creations with the world and NAHBS 2015 is the premier venue to do just that.


The North American Handmade Bicycle Show is a one-of-a-kind event where frame builders and other industry notables from around the world can gather to connect with friends, share information, and present their latest accomplishments to the public and a cycling media hungry to learn more. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to highlight all your hard work and accomplishments!


Have you signed up yet? Exhibitor, attendee, and media registration is quick, easy, and available online. Just visit the NAHBS website and look for the 2015 Registration Link on the homepage. And while we will always have room for media and attendees wanting to walk the show, 10×10, 10×20, and 20×20 exhibitor spaces are filling up quick!


If you have any questions about registration, please email Robin Rinehart at  registration@handmadebicycleshow.com and she will assist you.


This week’s VIB is Jim Kish from Kish Fabrication. Based in North Carolina with over 20 years of bike industry experience as a mechanic, tour guide, and frame builder, Jim specializes in titanium frames and stems. He will be displaying his latest creations in Louisville this March. Drop by and see what’s new.


Business Name: Kish Fabrication

Person Name: Jim Kish

Title/Position: owner

Location: Carrboro, NC

Year Founded: 1992

# of Employees: 1

Website:  www.kishbike.com

Contact Info:  info@kishbike.com


How long have you been building bikes/frames? How did you get your start?

I have been involved in the bike industry since the late 80’s, working as a mechanic, and leading bike tours. I moved from Vermont to Oregon in 1992 to attend United Bicycle Institute. I took every class they had, and hung around until they gave me a job the following year. I learned a lot in their classes both as a student and an instructor.


When it comes to building, do you have any guiding principles or philosophies?

Less is more. Simple is better. I’m a fan of functional design and clean aesthetic in all things. One thing that makes bicycles so wonderful is their simplicity. Cluttering up their look or complicating their function drives me nuts.


Are there any particular challenges to building with titanium?

Titanium is somewhat irascible, it tends to resist being forced into any form it isn’t already in. It doesn’t like being cut, machined or formed. It reacts strongly to contaminants in the welding process. Once this is understood, and you learn how to work with it instead of against it, titanium can be used to make what I believe are the finest bicycles out there. The learning curve is pretty steep and unforgiving, though.

I assume you’re an avid cyclist too. Where is your favorite bike / place to ride?

I used to love touring, but just don’t have the time to do it right anymore. Since we moved to North Carolina, I’ve rediscovered mountain biking. The terrain and scenery here are amazing. Fat bikes have made it even more fun, and I’ve been riding more now than I have since I was in my twenties.


When you’re not building bikes, how do you spend your time?

I play old-time fiddle and banjo music with my wife and our friends, walk in the woods with my dogs, and generally enjoy a quiet life in a great community.


What is the most rewarding part of frame building? What is the most challenging?

The best part is getting to see people enjoy the bikes you’ve built for them. Either around town, or through email and pictures. It’s nice to feel like you’re adding something positive to the world, rather than just focusing on adding zeroes to your bank account.


The biggest challenge is the same thing any truly small business experiences, trying to succeed within an economy that isn’t geared toward producing and selling something one piece at a time. Luckily there are a lot of people who appreciate that very thing.


How many times have you shown at NAHBS why is it important to you and your business to attend?

Louisville will be the eighth.


The way custom bikes are sold has changed a lot over the past 10 or 20 years, and NAHBS has carved a niche for itself as a way to help show all these great builders to the world. A lot of buzz radiates out from each show, starting from the exhibitors and attendees, out through social media and blogs, and the NAHBS website helps anchor the whole thing. As a very small company without an advertising budget to compete with the big guys, being part of that NAHBS whirlwind helps a lot.  

** Find Jim at NAHBS 2015, Booth # 536 **


Louisville is a cycling town… just step into any one of the many shops that dot the city and you’ll witness a vibrant and passionate cycling culture in action. On Your Left Cycles is a prime example. Located at 625 Baxter Avenue in downtown Louisville and focused on customer service, On Your Left specializes in everything from custom builds and wheel lacing to entry-level bikes and accessories. Drop by and ask for Drew Hartman or Derek Fetko. They would be happy to give you their take on the Louisville bike market.GET EDUCATED WITH NAHBS!


Featured Seminar: Bike Building – Business Basics

ROOM: 219


TIME: 1:00AM – 1:45AM


This educational business seminar is designed for start-ups as well as veteran bike builders. New builders will learn how to protect their personal assets, satisfy insurance requirements for landlords and suppliers (Quality, Seattle Bike Supply, J&B and Others), how to secure insurance discounts, quality control measures, and more. Veterans will appreciate new ways to grow their business while improving quality control, exposures to claims that have not been considered, and how to lower insurance costs while their business is growing.

HOST HOTEL: Galt House

Just seven miles from the airport, with 1,300 guest rooms and 650 suites, the Galt House offers the best in convenience, comfort, and hospitality. The hotel features 9 restaurants & lounges, 24-hour on-site deli, on-site UPS Business Center, and many other amenities.  Special NAHBS rates are below:


RIVUE TOWER – Deluxe Guestroom

Single $ 135.00 / Double $ 135.00 / Triple $ 145.00 / Quad   $ 155.00


SUITE TOWER – Executive Suite

Single $ 155.00 / Double $ 155.00 / Triple $ 165.00 / Quad $ 175.00


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Established in 2005, the North American Handmade Bicycle Show is the largest and most widely accessible destination for frame builders to share their passion with cycling enthusiasts and supporters. It aims to be a meeting point – both online and in person- for frame builders and consumers looking for custom-made bikes, for the sharing of ideas, and the promotion of a special industry with a rich history dating back to 1819. NAHBS moves from city to city each year. For more information on the 2015 show, please visit http://www.2015.handmadebicycleshow.com/
The NAHBS team is 100% focused on creating an exciting, impactful, and well-attended event in 2015 and hope you will be joining us for what we think will be the most successful show yet.


Thanks for your continued support of NAHBS. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you in Louisville March 6th-8th!




Don Walker


Don Walker,  Founder and President