2015 NAHBS – March 6-8 - The Kentucky International Convention Center
Oddity Cycles

Oddity Cycles  – 29+ Single Speed

Oddity Cycles:

Oddity Cycles  – Disc Road

Award Entries:
Oddity Cycles Fat SS (Entry for: Best mountain bike):
Curvy tubes, shaped in-house. Telescoping chain stays for SS chain tensioning. We wanted a sexy, fully capable mountain/snow bike. Built around 29er geometry, the Oddity 'Big Grin' fat bike rides on both dirt and snow like a dream. Finish is an in-house etch followed by our standard 'Bass Boat TI' sparkly, clear powder. We do our best NOT to hide how the bike is crafted with pretty paint, but rather leave the welds and craftsmanship exposed for the world to marvel. Reverse-bend seat stays that curve into the down tube for a classy look and trail response. Over-sized Head Tube so you can run any fork - in this case a Black Sheep TI truss.
Oddity Cycles Disc Road (Entry for: Best road bike):
With our Disc Road frame comes our desire to think different, to be odd and push the comfort level of standards. Standards which we feel are more psychological limitations than reality. We do not build with 'kit bike tubes' but rather, every tube is bent in-house to fit the intended design perimeters. We stray from straight-line frames, well, because everyone else is doing it. Our brand is built around the idea that the tubes can me shaped for both aesthetic and performance reasons, and that straight lines and fancy paint is nothing new to anyone. Here we present our interpretation of what a road bike can be: both beautiful, functional and different. Maybe even a bit odd...