2015 NAHBS – March 6-8 - The Kentucky International Convention Center
Altruiste Bicycle Company Inc.
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Award Entries:
The Early Adopter (Entry for: Best track bike):
Hipster. What a mean, downgrading terminology! We prefer to call them ''early adopters''. Because they might be mocked and be the subject of ridicule, but they choose to be at the forefront of trends. They go out of their way to study, and analyse, and hopefully predict what the masses will eventually consume as a mainstream product.
We choose to be on their side. We hope this bike will become their weapon, and we named it in their honor.

This is a pure track bike. It's proven neutral track geometry is there to prove it. This is where tradition ends and where we decided to shuffle the deck a little.

We infused it with a good dose of neo-punk Bmx behavior through the use of large-diameter custom-butted True Temper tubing, a clean down-tube gusset and short, low-profile drop outs.
The colorway and hand-painted artwork on the bike hints of eventual trends in calligraphy and the rise of the Futuristic-neo-modern-experimental-splinter-paint art movement as the dominant artistic medium of the next generation.
The use of tooled leather serves as a beacon for a more organic method of connecting one's self with the bicycle. Vegetarians, worry not; We have written confirmation that the cows from which our leather was harvested were certified vegan and never ate meat.

The components selected for this build, as well as some key graphics, confirm this bike's preferred wood-oval environment. But we hope it's potential client base will chose to expose it to a more urban environment, where it's ruggedness and loud social presence will allow it to shine.
It is strong enough for the biggest metropolitan lumberjack and ready to put the power down.
The Nor’easter (Entry for: Best mountain bike):
The Nor'Easter is our homage to fun, and to what we believe is the golden age of mountainbiking; the year 1998.

As a teenager growing up in the nineties, the year 1998 represents a pivotal moment when I realized that building bicycle frames was a viable lifestyle and career. We tried to recreate this vibe with this bicycle. From the colors to the components, it's a modern flashback of what sparked one teen's epiphany.

The bike is built around a very progressive geometry, 27.5''wheels and a long travel, 150mm travel suspension fork. The long and slack front end and short (16.25'') chainstays are reminiscent of the glory days of West-Coast freeriding, yet intelligent geometry tweaks and the modern wheel size manage to give it a very agile demeanor and great pedaling characteristics.
The choice of a mix of True Temper SuperTherm and Ox-Platinum tubing makes it very sturdy and reliable and manages to keep the weight reasonable. A 44mm headtube allows for a wide choice of fork and headset configurations to suit the rider's style and budget. The modular drop outs makes this frame compatible with 12x142mm hubs, as well as 12x135mm ans some single-speed 10x135 hubs.

For the show we dressed this bike with vintage period-correct, new-old-stock parts from the mid to late nineties (makes you feel old, don't it?) and painted it with the colours that dreams were made of back in '98.

We believe that this bike's customer will be looking for a durable, stable yet agile bike for all-day adventures, shuttle runs, and aggressive single-track attacks! It is not designed to win races, or to be an efficient podium-chaser, but rather to stamp smiles on the faces of those who ride it. We feel this is the most important quality this bike possesses.