2015 NAHBS – March 6-8 - The Kentucky International Convention Center
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Award Entries:
HERObike Bamboost (Entry for: The Artisan Award):
HERObike uses a contemporary approach to create sustainable, socially conscious small businesses in vacant store fronts to change the future of Greensboro, Al, one bike at a time. Big businesses left this region a long time ago. They aren't coming back. The future for Greensboro will come from within. From using what we have to make a new future. As a locally based, rural non-profit we provide job training for out-of-school youth while building a strong future for the residents of Greensboro, Alabama.

Lance Rake and the Industrial Design Department at the University of Kansas, bring the latest technology to Greensboro by partnering with HERObike to bring new product design. HERObike introduces the Bamboost. Our newest design, the Bamboost has a molded sandwich core composite panel frame with woven bamboo skin, a detachable leather messenger bag and SRAM E-Matic pedal assist.

Join HERObike as we change the future of one small town.