2015 NAHBS – March 6-8 - The Kentucky International Convention Center
Groovy Cycleworks LLC
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Yep, there’s no denying it…I’m not quite like other builders. I’ve been told that is what attracts many of my customers to me…I enjoy celebrating uniqueness.  I like it a bit Funky. In the custom bicycle business, success is dependent on building a relationship with the customer to help define their individual physical needs, performance desires, and to identify who they are not only as a cyclist, but as a person.  The finished product is a culmination of physiology, metallurgy, and personality all rolled into one.  Utterly unique, just like you. To help bring your vision to life, each step of the process in completed by only one set of hands.  Design, machining, welding/brazing, component fabrication, custom paint and assembly, I complete each step of the process to insure your vision is maintained.  To do so means that it takes a bit longer, but you’re worth it. Each creation is destined for an audience of one.  Success is measured in smiles.  It makes me feel good when you’re happy.  Shouldn’t that be what life is about? I’m looking forward to seeing y’all in Louisville…make sure you stop by, chat for a bit, and see who my bikes are all about. cheers, Rody

Groovy Cycleworks Nahbs Tee design:

The show is such a fun environment, filled with the sweetest of bicycle related candy that any cyclist could yearn for.  Unfortunately, it’s tough to take a bit of that spirit home with you unless you are one of the fortunate customers whose bike is being displayed.  I wanted to bring a little something new, inspired by Nahbs, that anyone could take home with them that spoke to the fun of framebuilding.  So I thought what better than to celebrate the hand built bicycle by making a new tee that recognizes the craft that has given me such a rewarding career.  The new shirt design for Nahbs features a fun loving bicycle fabricator, holding a wheel in one arm and a tig torch in the other, clad in one of the many hats a frame builder must wear.  On the back is a nod to the show and cycling…”Funky Fun for the whole Family”.

Please come by the Groovy Booth and check out our fun Nahbs inspired tee, talk bikes, and share the fun spirit that is “The Show” with me.




Groovy Cycleworks AccuSet Fixture:

Accuracy, repeat-ability, and access are three critical criteria that frame building tools must possess, and as such, were the focus of a 6 year development process that has led to the release of the AccuSet frame fixture, a tool that sets a new standard for professional level tooling. Driven by a desire to provide a tool that meets the needs of the individual fabricator as well as the production shop, this collaborative effort between cycling design master William Grove and Groovy Cycleworks will be making its debut as a production piece at this years NAHBS in Louisville. The AccuSet stands apart from other fixtures as it uses no linear rulers or scales, instead utilizing digital calipers on fixed datum points to set precise position settings. All axes move on sealed bearings driven by threaded tool rods, an adjustable bottom bracket tool post allows for a wide range of bottom bracket widths with minimal stand off height, full access to every joint with 360 degree rotation allow the frame to be fully constructed in the fixture for the highest level of precision with little to no post fabrication alignment necessary for the skilled tradesman. Stop by the Groovy booth and see why we’re excited…this is going to bring a higher standard to the hand built bicycle industry.

Groovy Cycleworks Hot Rod Cranks:

As the echo ripples from 1979, here is the latest iteration of the first two piece mountain crank design, the Hot Rod.  Handcrafted, welded tubular steel and titanium cranks for the customer that wants a functional performance piece that is as unique as they are.  After years of work, they are finally dialed where I am happy with them.  Be sure to stop by the Groovy booth to check them out.

Groovy Cycleworks Luv Handles:

Let me introduce to you the Luv Handle…built of 3/2.5  Titanium.  The bar sports a gentle 4 degree rise and a 21.5 degree back sweep, meeting the natural anatomic position of your wrist and hands to allow for reduced stress on the supportive structures  resulting in all day comfort and control.  The design allows you to use your current stem and the grip section is long enough to mate with any combination of shifters and brake levers…just slide them on and hit the dirt.  Make sure to stop by the Groovy Booth to hold a bar, check out the fit, and take one home.

Groovy Cycleworks…a view from inside the paint booth:

One of my favorite aspects of being a one man shop is having the freedom to create a finish that represents the personality of the customer through my eyes.  To see the surprise, delight, and radiance on a customers face the first time he/she sees the finished product is a joy.  I am blessed that I have the ability to work with many finish mediums; liquid paint, ceramics, powder, and glass bead etching.  This allows me quite a bit of latitude in creating a finish that is unique for each project, as is each customer.  Only by controlling all aspects of the build from design to final assembly by one set of hands do you really have the opportunity to bring the customer’s vision to fruition…that’s what makes building bicycles for others a special career.

So please, take a look inside the paint booth to see where the fabricated projects take on a life of their own…



Groovy Cycleworks Nakid fabrication…:

What’s going on under all that paint?  There is a simple beauty in viewing raw fabrication, the melting of materials together creating surreal colors on steel or bright, shiny seams in titanium.  When done well, the welds disappear under the finish, allowing the flowing lines of the frame to be the focus.  Enjoy this look “under the hood”…

Groovy Cycleworks Space Bike 29+:

This is a bike built for abuse. It uses a 42mm double butted True Temper down tube ovalized at the bottom bracket, curved 4130 top tube, True Temper seat tube with machined insert and dual curved radius that takes it from round to oval, Paragon Machine works Yoke, custom dropouts, custom sliding disc tab, vertical s-bend seat stays that terminate in a segmented joint, and a 44ID Paragon head tube to allow for all current and past fork use.

The frame uses a top tube length of 23 inches and a total cockpit from the center of the saddle to the center of the handlebar of 30″ with the set back titanium seat post. The geometry keeps it nimble and fun on the trail so even with the larger foot print tires it does not feel like a steam roller..one of the disadvantages to many designs.

It utilizes a Luv handle bar/stem combo with 27″ width, Hot Rod cranks with single chain riing, Fox Fork, Rohloff, Magura MT-6 brakes, Cane Creek 110 headset, Phil Wood front hub and bottom bracket, Custom Velocity Dualy rims with Cerakote and polished graphics, DT double butted spokes with anno blue nipples, and a Brooks saddle.

The paint uses 14 different colors and took just over 12 hours to airbrush and clear, transitioning from a lunar landscape to a midnight blue metallic sky with planets, star streams, and the occasional fun UFO. A few Martians hide around the frame looking for fun

This bike is not a racer.. tough tubing, large Knard tires, and the Rohloff keep it from being a weight weenie and is designed for someone who just wants to come out of the woods after a long ride with an unforgettable experience and a big smile.

Groovy Cycleworks Barn Find 29er:

One of the advantages of creating the entire build in one shop is the ability to accommodate unusual requests, such as this paint finish.  The goal was to create a finish that looked as if the bike had just been pulled out of a barn after years of being forgotten…a bit faded, worn, and well loved.  Using a hybrid of powder and liquid paint, I think we achieved a long lasting finish with that distressed look.  This build is a steel 29er with a focus on versatility; the ability to run up to 2.75 tires, full rack braze-ons, suspension corrected design if the customer ever decides to put a squishy fork on, etc…  The frame, bar/stem combo, and unicrown fork are all fabricated from a mix of high end steel and made in the US parts.  Maybe someday 50 years down the road, someone will actually pull it from a barn and cherish it anew.

Groovy Cycleworks Pink Camo 29+:

For a outrageous Brit living in the US, there can be nothing more satisfying than cruising the desert trails of the South West on a pink 29+ with lots of curvy attitude.  Throw in custom Titanium bar/stem combo, Ti cranks, Ti seat post, and a Brooks saddle and Rohloff to offset the weight savings and you have a bundle of off road capable fun.  Look for it on Sedona trails when you visit the sunny state of Arizona, it will be under a fit Brit with a big smile!

Groovy Cycleworks Polka Dot Bigwheel:

It’s a pink polka dot fully rigid single speed 29er, what more do I need to say?

Simple and clean, big on fun.


Groovy Cycleworks – 29+ Flower Power:

Jeroen desired a bike that would reach out to him and beg to be taken on the trail, leaving him with smiles as he exited the single track.  With a nod to the neon of the 80’s, this custom bicycle is fabricated from a mix of American and Italian steel, uses a one piece bar/stem Luv handle combo for precision control, Steel Hot Rod cranks, and custom ceramic coated Velocity Dually rims. Design, fabrication, paint and assembly, all completed in house.  When too much fun is not a limit  :)

Groovy Cycleworks – Sniper Titanium 650b:

Mike wanted a bike designed to focus on tight, fast single track that would allow him to push all day efforts to his limit.  This cross country machine was my answer.  Fabricated out of titanium with integrated couplers for travel, the frame features a durable ceramic finish with polished titanium graphics, segmented rear end and Paragon yoke to allow plus size tires if desired, Groovy EBB and modular dropouts to allow for a diverse range of drivetrain choices.  The cockpit is controled by a custom titanium one piece bar/stem combo which reduces weight while increasing control and performance.  Our titanium Hot Rod cranks provide for a incredibly strong interface for the belt drive Rohloff system.  A titanium Disco Stick seat post finishes off the in house fabricated products.  Look for it at an endurance race near you :)