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Connor Wood Bicycles

Connor Wood Bicycles builds wood bicycles that beautifully combine form and function. Chris is a longtime Denver woodworker and cycling enthusiast, and building wood bicycles came as a stunning realization that he could bring the two together. After years of experience building classical guitars and designing and building modern furniture, Chris developed a love and respect for the beauty, strength, and durability of wood. Connor Wood Bicycles uses a unique combination of sustainably harvested American White Ash, Black Walnut and Kevlar in curved composite laminations throughout its bikes. These bikes are beautiful, fun and strong!

Connor Wood Bicycles founder, Chris Connor points out that “Wood is a natural choice for bikes; think of its toughness and vibration dampening properties when used in sledge hammers, baseball bats, skis and snowboards. And when cared for, wood will last and stay strong for decades. When I developed the Woody Scorcher, I went with 29-inch wheels to take advantage of their ability to smooth out any surface—something that hadn’t been tried yet. The combination of the wood, the bowed shape of the frame and the wooden handlebars, plus the big wheels results in a premium ride and smoothness unlike any other bike out there.”

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Louisville Slugger Bat Bike:

Customization of this bike starts with the frame, which is made entirely from baseball bat billets. Connor received  raw billets from the Slugger factory and machined them into a fully wood bicycle frame. The frame has just returned from the Louisville Slugger factory where it was branded with the signature Louisville Slugger logo and sprayed with the same durable finish that is applied to its bats. The assembled bike now showcases a Gates belt drive, wood handlebars wrapped with Slugger’s bat tape, and a customized leather saddle made from Slugger’s baseball mitt leather. Completing the build are 29′ custom wheels with a drum brake hub and carbon fiber forks.


Photos by Devon Balet // devonbaletmedia.com
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Connor Scorcher:

The Woody Scorcher combines form and function into a rideable work of art.  Equipped with disc brakes, a belt-drive and an 8-speed internal gear hub it is perfect for commuting city streets or cruising on dirt roads.  Enjoy the unbelievably smooth ride and the distinct look that only an individually crafted, hand sculpted wood bicycle provides. This hot rod city bike can take you just about anywhere.

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Connor DURT Bike:

The D.U.R.T. (Denver Urban Reclaimed Tree) Bike brings together  form and function like nothing else.  It embodies absolute performance in the most  unique way possible on two wheels. Enjoy the unbelievably smooth ride and the distinct look that only an individually crafted, hand sculpted wood bicycle provides. This no-compromises mountain bike completed the Leadville 100 moutain bike race in Colorado and brings performance into a new dimension of beauty. Read the Leadville 100 story


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Connor Woody Mountain:

Yes, it’s wood. Yes you can ride it anywhere you want.  Don’t worry, this may be the the yes-man of wood bikes.  Race-tested durability, lightweight and gorgeous, this 11-speed mountain bike can do what you ask it to. Its simple drivetrain gives the gear range to tackle any cross country riding, and the plush shock makes for an amazing ride.  Enjoy the unbelievably smooth ride and the distinct look that only an individually crafted, hand sculpted wood bicycle provides.


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Connor e-Woody:

It’s wood, it’s electric!  The e-Woody takes the great ride and simplicity of the Woody Scorcher and adds an electric hub. This smart system requires no throttle and knows when to provide power and when to regeneratively recharge while you’re riding.  Technically sophisticated but functionally simple, this bike gives 50miles of riding range and an elegant rack to take your things with you. Great for commuting, around town, or just for fun.  The e-Woody uses the new SRAM e-motion hub and battery pack and is coupled to the drivetrain with a Gates belt drive.  It has amazing power which is applied quietly and efficiently making for a great ride.

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Connor Carbon Cruiser:

Stripped down simplicity with a few nice perks. This wood cruiser bike adds a few goodies to the standard Woody Cruiser configuration  making it even lighter, smoother and faster. The Carbon Cruiser takes a gloriously beautiful handcrafted wood frame and pairs it to a lightweight carbon fork and a Gates Carbon Drive belt.  Equipped with coaster brakes, high-volume tires, matching Brooks leather saddle and grips, this bike cruises in style.

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Woody Cruiser:

This bike embodies simple, pure fun in the most unique way possible on two wheels.  It’s just wood, leather and rubber with coaster brakes, fat tires and a proper riding position. Enjoy the unbelievably smooth ride and the distinct look that only an individually crafted, hand sculpted wood bicycle provides. This minimalist cruiser brings riding back to its basics

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Award Entries:
Connor – Louisville Slugger Bat Bike (Entry for: ):
Connor Wood Bicycles – Axehandle CX (Entry for: Best cyclocross bike):
This bike is built from urban reclaimed lumber taken from Denver Colorado. Black walnut wood is used throughout the frame, with an American white ash center stripe. Additional reinforcements include a full carbon-fiber lined downtube (internally) along with Kevlar and carbon fiber laminates in the rear triangle. Full internal cable routing keeps the design clean and makes for easy portaging. The frame finished with marine spar varnish to keep it sealed from the elements and is protected with 3M clear bra to keep it resistant to rock dings and chips. This bike is meant to be ridden and has an amazingly supple ride quality but it is also just stunningly beautiful.

The Geek Factor:
Full Internal cable routing
Tapered head tube
142mm x 12mm through-axle rear with Paragon Machine Works PolyDrops
100mm x 15mm through-axle front with carbon Lynskey CX fork
Rolf-Prima Ares 4 Disc carbon wheels
Massive tire clearance for 42mm + tires
1×11 gearing with a custom SRAM derailleur system
10-42 cassette with CX1 drop bar shifters
TRP hybrid hydraulic disc brakes with 160mm rotors front and rear
Tubeless WTB Nano 40mm tires
Fizzik cockpit with Salsa Cowbell bars