2015 NAHBS – March 6-8 - The Kentucky International Convention Center
Racermate, Inc.

Ready. Set. Train.

CompuTrainer® has remained the unrivaled Gold Standard of indoor cycle training for over 25 years. Proudly hand assembled in the USA, every unit is built to exacting specifications for lab-tested accuracy and reliability. Whatever your training goal, CompuTrainer will take you there.

CompuTrainer Handcycle Trainer:

A full CompuTrainer package with a custom CompuTrainer mount stand designed to accommodate hand cycles. Also ideal for wide rear-wheel spacing mountain bikes.

Includes the RacerMate One software suite.


Unmatched Precision.

Velotron® delivers laboratory-grade accuracy and repeatability. Built with RacerMate’s signature durability, enjoy the most realistic, science grade training experience on the world’s most advanced cycle ergometer.

Velotron is used worldwide by the finest universities, sports science labs, and coaching centers, often in conjunction with our powerful Wingate software. The only bicycle ergometer ever approved for use in the USA Cycling National Talent Search, Velotron is also the ultimate home cycling trainer for those who want only the best money can buy.

CompuTrainer Pro:

The Gold Standard of indoor cycle training. The CompuTrainer system and RacerMate One software suite are guaranteed to improve your cycling performance.

CompuTrainer is the only training system capable of the detailed sensitivity required to replicate true road-feel. Our load generator can update resistance at a incredible rate of 100 times per second, giving our advanced software the unique ability to mirror the natural torque fluctuations a rider experiences each time they pedal. Our hardware also boasts an industry-leading accuracy of 2.5%, with repeatability within 1% – this consistency is vital for training improvement. Even wind Drag Factor is adjustable in order to ensure that you feel like you’re riding outdoors. And with advanced software algorithms for creating a true electronic inertial effect, the resistance you feel when you pedal on a CompuTrainer is the same as when you’re on the road come race day. Genuine, sport-specific training has never been so accessible.

Includes the RacerMate One software suite.

Available with optional Puck Optical Cadence Sensor for hassle-free cadence measurement. Choose the cadence puck option below to add a cadence puck to your order.