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CHERUBIM by Shin-ichi Konno


50 Years History of Innovation

CHERUBIM by Konno Cycle Works is founded by Hitoshi Konno in 1965,a year after the Tokyo Summer Olympics that was the moment Japanese cycle lovers were fired by many magnificent Italian Road Bikes. A mare 3 years Later, CHERUBIM was the official frame supplier for the Japanese team in the 1968 Mexico City Games. Since then, CHERUBIM has been representing the history of frame building in Japan.

In the early ’70s, competing with his two brother’s 3Rensho, and Miyuki, they became the pioneers and sparked a nationwide golden age of the custom frame industry in Japan. Now, CHERUBIM is the only surviving brand, but Konno brothers’ and friends’ successors include Hitoshi’s own son, Shin-ich Konno, still expanding the family tradition.

Almost 50 years on, CHERUBIM continue to inspire the cycling world with a combination of state-of-art research methods and uncompromising craftsmanship. The firm has won seven consecutive Best Bicycle Awards in “Hand Made Cycle Fair” by Japan Cycling Association. In addition, CHERUBIM take a part in North American Handmade Bicycle Show since 2009, and won 7 awards in 6 years include “Best of Show” in Sacramento 2012 by “Humming Bird”.

In 2015, CHERUBIM reached its 50th anniversary. Under the leadership of Shin-ichi Konno, CHERUBIM continue to live by its founding spirit of achieving a fusion of innovation and tradition.

Award Entries:
Triple Crown PISTRADA (Entry for: Best track bike):
PISTRADA is made for one S-Grade Keirin Racer. It's his training bike that suits his strict requirement about geometry and precision.
Riders frequently gives me a vague feed back like "give more flow", or "more momentum".
And our job is to make it happen.

This is the street training bike made with us and rider together.
The dream weapon with modern tubes and traditional looks if there is no strict regulation of NJS.
STICKY Premium Edition (Entry for: Best road bike):
CHERUBIM's best seller ”STICKY" now got more special details and materials.
25.4m down tube inspired by old traditional "All Inch" racing bike in the past.
Great for hill climb with its spring feel.