2015 NAHBS – March 6-8 - The Kentucky International Convention Center
Boyd Cycling

The Handcrafted Revolution

In a day where wheels are built to be produced as fast and cheap as possible, we like to stand out as a true handcrafted addition to your bicycle. The NAHBS show highlights the artisan of the bicycle industry, a builder who crafts each order with the attention it deserves. There are no assembly lines, no robots, and no huge marketing campaigns designed to bring in orders.

While we do build stock models, and in larger quantities than a frame builder, each wheel gets the care and attention it should. My passion for making wheels remains the top priority. I am a wheel junkie (not just self-diagnosed), and the wheels we have created are for myself and my own riding pleasures. Sure, we sell a lot of them, but there’s not a single wheel that I wouldn’t take from the shipping rack and put on my personal bike. Again, as a wheel junkie, this has happened more than you may realize.

I look at our company like a craft brewery in the beer industry. The beer industry has a few monster size companies that are known throughout the world. They have the money to mass produce, hire professional athletes to endorse, and have an enormous advertising campaign. They try to appeal to a mass market, and are driven by sales and profit. They have investors to make happy, many levels of management, and a very corporate feel. Making a profit almost always outweighs all else.

Then there are the craft breweries. These are smaller companies, driven by a passion to make the best possible product. There are no celebrity endorsements, no major advertising campaigns, just an internal drive to make something that they are proud to put their name on. We view Boyd Cycling like these smaller craft breweries. We don’t have pressure from investors or upper level management to cut corners and produce something we are not proud to sell. We are driven by that same passion to have the highest possible quality while enjoying every day. There is not a day where I don’t look forward to working, I love that our designs which we have worked so hard on are making people smile whenever they hop on a bike.