2015 NAHBS – March 6-8 - The Kentucky International Convention Center

BikeCAD bicycle design and fitting software is developed by the Bicycle Forest. BikeCAD Pro is intended for frame builders, bike shops and bicycle fitting specialists. BikeCAD Pro is an inexpensive and easy-to-use alternative to generic CAD programs with several additional benefits such as the built in and fully customizable Fit Advisor which recommends frame geometry based on a rider’s body dimensions. BikeCAD Pro can also be used to represent paint schemes and decal options. Fully dimensioned drawings generated through BikeCAD Pro provide all the information needed to construct the frame. Simpler drawings can also be generated providing essential documentation for the customer.
There is a free web-based version of BikeCAD available at: BikeCAD.ca. The BikeCAD.ca website also features a user contributed public design archive containing a growing database of production and non-production bicycle designs. You can search the Design Archive by brand, model, style, material, model year, as well as sizing information in the form of stack and reach.
The Bicycle Forest was founded in 1998 by Brent Curry. A graduate of the mechanical engineering program at the University of Waterloo, Brent amassed a wealth of experience in the bicycle industry through internships at Vitus Bicycles in France, Syncros in Vancouver, B.C. Southcott Cycles in Adelaide, South Australia and Dekerf Cycle Innovations in Vancouver, B.C. Aside from his software development skills, Brent is also known for such whimsical contraptions as the Couchbike, Treadmill Bike, HulaBike and Pimped out Rhoades Car.
The Bicycle Forest will be at NAHBS to promote BikeCAD but also look forward to meeting with builders and fit specialists to discuss feature requests and anything else to ensure that BikeCAD remains the most essential tool in any framebuilder’s shop.