2015 NAHBS – March 6-8 - The Kentucky International Convention Center
NAHBS Award History


The NAHBS Awards began as an informal, friendly contest between builders at the first NAHBS in 2005. All builders exhibiting at the show were encouraged to enter and vote on the best in 10 categories. The intent was to encourage examination and appraisal of each other’s work and to put the spotlight on a talented new builder. By 2008 the show had gotten so busy with attendees and there were so many entries in the NAHBS Awards, it became an impossible time commitment for the builders to give fair scrutiny to each one. Thus a dedicated jury was appointed to judge the awards as of 2009. In 2012 NAHBS recognized the very high standard of work in the industry and allowed more than up to three bicycles to win an award if no one entry was clearly the best. This change did not run across the board. The Overall division, listed below, retains one winner in each category.

We are not 100% on the first two years, so if you think you see an error in 2005/6 let us know

#10. 2014 – Charlotte, North Carolina

Best City or Utility Bike: Cykel Mageren
Best Road Bike: Kent Eriksen Cycles, Steamboat Springs CO
Best Mountain Bike: Breadwinner Cycles
Best Cyclocross Bike: Retrotec & Inglis Cycles
Best Track Bike: Six-Eleven Bicycle Co.
Best Tandem Bike: Co-Motion Cycles
Best Fillet Frame: Ellis Cycles
Best Tig Frame: Kent Eriksen Cycles
Best Layup: Argonaut Cycles
Best Finish:
Independent Fabrication
Best Theme:
SyCip Bicycles
Best New Builder:
Harvey Cycles
President’s Choice:
Peacock Groove
People’s Choice:
Six-Eleven Bicycle Co.
Best in Show:
Argonaut Cycles


#9. 2013 – Denver, Colorado

Best carbon construction: Alchemy Bicycle Co.
Best steel constructio0n: No Award given
Best road bike: Bishop Bikes
Best lugged frame: Bilenky Cycles
Best experimental design: No Award given
Best TIG frame: Steve Potts Cycles
Best titanium construction: Shared between Kent Eriksen & Black Sheep Fabrication
Best alternative material:  Boo Bicycles
Best city bike: Cherubim by Shin-Ichi Konno
Best mountain bike: Retrotec Cycles
Best cyclocross bike: Mosaic Cycles
Best tandem: Shared between Black Sheep Fabrication & Calfee Design
Best utility bicycle: No Award given
Best track bicycle: Matsuda Cycle Factory
Best finish: Winter Bicycles
Best Theme Bike: Moots
People’s Choice:  Moots
Best new builder: Avery County Cycles
President’s Choice: Level
Best of Show: English Cycles

#8. 2012 – Sacramento, California

Best Alternative Materials Frame: Paketa Magnesium Bikes
Best Carbon Fiber Frame: Alchemy Bicycle Company
Best City Bike: Ira Ryan Cycles
Best City Bike: Muse Cycles
Best City Bike: Shamrock Cycles
Best Cyclocross Bike: 611 Bicycle Co.
Best Cyclocross Bike: Moots
Best Experimental Bike: Black Sheep Fab.
Best Experimental Bike: Ti Cycles Fabrication
Best Fillet Construction: Bishop Bikes
Best Finish: Vendetta Cycles
Best Lugged Construction: Bishop Bikes
Best Mountain Bike: Naked Bicycles
Best Mountain Bike: Pereira Cycles
Best Mountain Bike: Retrotec-Inglis Cycles
Best Road Bike: Demon Frameworks
Best Road Bike: Rex Cycles
Best Steel Frame: Bishop Bikes
Best Steel Frame: Ellis Cycles Inc.
Best Tandem Bike: Kent Eriksen Cycles
Best Tig Construction: Black Sheep Fab.
Best Titanium Frame: Kent Eriksen Cycles
Best Titanium Frame: Steve Potts Bicycles
Best Track Bike: Rebolledo Cycles
People’s Choice: University of the Fraser Valley
President’s Choice: Cherubim by Shin-Ichi Konno
Rookie of the Year: Stinner Frameworks
Best of Show: Cherubim by Shin-Ichi Konno


#7. 2011 – Austin, Texas

Best of Show: DiNucci Cycles
Best Road Frame: Ellis Cycles
Best Track Frame: Six-Eleven Bicycle Company
Best Carbon Fiber: Strong Frames
Best Titanium: Kish Fabrication
Best Fillet Brazing: Dominguez Cycles
Best City Bike: Signal Cycles
Rookie of the Year: Rosene Hand Built Bicycles
Best Off-Road: Black Sheep Fabrication, Inc.
Best Tandem: Kent Eriksen Cycles
Best Steel Frame: Bishop Bikes
Best Lugged Framed: Bilenky Cycle Works
Best TIG welded Frame: Independent Fabrication, Inc.
Best Paint: KirkLee Bicycles
President’s Choice: Anderson Custom Bicycles
People’s Choice: Naked Bicycles


#6. 2010 – Richmond, Virginia

Best of Show: Ellis Cycles
Best Road Frame: Bilenky Cycle Works
Best Track Frame: Richard Sachs
Best Carbon Fiber: Crumpton Cycles
Best Titanium: Kent Eriksen Cycles
Best Fillet Brazing: Kirk
Best City Bike: YIPsan
Rookie of the Year: Aaron Dykstra/Six Eleven
Best Off-Road: Engin
Best Tandem: Calfee
Best Steel Frame: Spectrum Tandem
Best Lugged Framed: Di Nucci
Best TIG welded Frame: De Salvo
Best Paint: Llewellyn
President’s Choice: Cherubim
People’s Choice: YIPsan


#5. 2009 – Indianapolis, Indiana

Best Road Frame: Della Santa
Best Off-Road Frame: Goodrich
Best Track Frame: Cherubim
Best Carbon Fiber Frame: Independent Fabrications
Best Lugged Frame: Ellis/Dave Wages
Best TIG Welded Frame: Carl Strong
Best Fillet Brazed Frame: Mark Nobilette
Best City Bike: MAP
Best Paint: Velocolour
Best of Show: Cicli Polito
People’s Choice: Naked
President’s Award for Excellence: Cherubim


#4. 2008 Portland, Oregon

Best Road Frame: Bruce Gordon
Best Off-Road Frame
Best Track Frame
Best Tandem Frame
Craig Calfee
Best Titanium Frame
Black Sheep
Best Carbon Fiber Frame
Nick Crumpton
Best Lugged Frame
Bruce Gordon
Best TIG Welded Frame
Mike DeSalvo
Best Fillet Brazed Frame
Dave Kirk
Best City Bike
James Ahearne
Best New Builder
Best Paint
Brian Baylis
Best of Show
People’s Choice
President’s Award for Excellence


#3. 2007 San Jose, California

Best Road Frame: Tony Pereira
Best Off-Road Frame
Tony Pereira
Best Track Fram
Independent Fabrications
Best Tandem Frame
Best Titanium Frame
Best Carbon Fiber Frame
Craig Calfee
Best Lugged Frame
Brian Baylis
Best City BikeAhearne Tony Pereira (Pereira Cycles)
Best Fillet Brazed Frame:
Best New Builder
Best Paint
Brian Baylis
Best of Show
Bruce Gordon
People’s Choice
President’s Award for Excellence


#2. 2006 San Jose, California

Best Road Frame: Craig Calfee
Best Off-Road Frame:
Craig Calfee
Best Tandem Frame: Co-Motion
Best Titanium Frame: Merlin
Best Carbon Fiber Frame:
Nick Crumpton
Best TIG-Welded Frame:
Best Lugged Frame:
Best Fillet Brazed Frame:
Best New Builder:
Best Paint:
Best of Show:


#1. 2005 Houston, Texas

Best Road Frame: Richard Sachs
Best Off-Road Frame: Nick Crumpton
Best Track Frame:
Richard Sachs
Best Tandem Frame:
Don Walker
Best Titanium Frame:
Best Carbon Fiber Frame:
Best Lugged Steel Frame:
Brian Baylis
Best New Builder:
Bill Ryder
Best Paint:
Brian Baylis & Vanilla
Best of Show:
People’s Choice: